Ariyakammattana is a non-profit generating European organization. The organization was incorporated in the United Kingdom and is registered in Norway. This organization is led by a Theravada Buddhist monk, Bikkhu Ariyamagga. Ariyakammattana is extremely nonviolent and working with considering loving kindness towards all living beings in the whole universe, not only human. We are also extremely considerate of preserving the universal environment.

The organization is fully independent and does not belong to any other religious and/or social group whatsoever. Further, the organization is free from all political views and does not discriminate on gender, nationally, religion, cast, or any other social groups.  The organization currently consists of members living in Europe, especially from Buddhist origin. But any citizen of the world who agrees with the organization’s goal could be a member; there are no restrictions to membership.

The main goal of the organization is to restore the Nibbāna that has been lost from the world for a long time and help those who wish to attain Nibbāna within this lifetime; not after death or in the future lives. This organization strongly believes that it is not possible to restore the lost Nibbāna path without rectifying the distorted historical facts of Gothama Samana the Buddha (the last rediscover of the path). Since now the true facts have been distorted, it is necessary to identify his birth land, the language of his time at his birth land, and his correct chronology clearly before we start teaching the pure Nibbāna on a larger scale. Therefore, the organization is working jointly with the Sri Lankan organization “Center for Helabodu History Studies” and also with different universities, archeologists, scientists, and historians on a global level to achieve our common goal.