Center for Helabodu History Studies

The Center for Helabodu History Studies is an organization that has been incorporated in Sri Lanka. It is directed by a leading historical character, a grandson of Rate Rala, who was leading the Great Uva, Welassa Riots against the British rule in 1818. Today, he is a Veteran Buddhist Monk and the Chief Shanga Nayaka of three provinces: Uva, Welassa and Eastern of Sri Lanka. By name, he is Most Venerable Badulugammana Suamanasara Nayaka Mahathera. He has come forward to complete the balance responsibility of saving Hela Bima been left by his Grandfather of “Wellase Rate Rala”. The other members are Buddhist monks, nuns, and Sri Lankan citizens from various fields. The membership is open for any Sri Lankan citizen who would like to support the organization’s goal.

The Organization has no any political view and it is free from discrimination on political view, gender, religion, cast, and/or any other social groups. Further, the organization is extremely nonviolent and works through spreading loving kindness towards all living beings in the whole universe, not only human. The organization is also highly dedicated to preserve the environment, ancient archeological sites, and historical places in Sri Lanka.

The main goal of this organization is to search and restore true helabodu history and the Nibbāna path that were taught by the “Gothama Samana the Buddha” (the last rediscover of path). The organization is jointly working with “Ariykammattana”, the Europe-based organization to achieve their common goal. We also closely cooperate with other academics and scientists in Sri Lanka.