Legal actions for rectifying Helabodu History

We have identified that it is necessary to take legal actions to stop further spreading of false historical information through public education systems in the world.

We have clearly discovered that the archeologists and military men that were working for East India Company during the British Colonial time in the Indian sub-continent made huge errors, scandals, and fabrications to the historical facts in the area. Yet they also established those wrong and false facts in the world through the public school and university education systems were implemented by themselves. The present education systems of those “ex-British Colonies” are still continuing to teach the same wrong information. The British also brought all the ancient history and technology manuscripts from those countries including from Sri Lanka to Europe, and kept them in their possession. They are still keeping those very valuable manuscripts in their custody. We have identified that getting them back is very important for us to rectify our history. But still, it cost us a huge amount of money even to get digital copies.

However, we have noticed that there is no other way to stop the above continuation in spreading of false information in the world unless we take a legal action and prove that they have done wrong—and they still continue to do the same. Therefore, we are planning to take necessary legal actions against those authorities by:

  • Requesting them for a public apology for their history fabrications.
  • Asking for our history and Dhamma manuscripts back.
  • Requesting them to stop furthering false information by spreading it through the public education systems.