The lost Janbuddhdeepa and Gothama Samana

The book is an explanation of Incredible History Fabrication and Archeological Scandal has been happened at the period from 1850 – 1950 in the Indian sub-continent. This is the world’s biggest fact distorting and history fabrication that has ever happened.  

The Bikkhu Ariyamagga, a Theravada Buddhist monk has discovered unbelievable information of an historical corruption that had been done by British colonial rule, by a  comprehensive quest he was done to recover the existence of the “Gothama Samana the Buddha” and his pure teaching. His intention was to find the pure path to Nibbāna and then he had to do a lengthy quest since the Nibbāna is hidden nowadays. He has done long investigation in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Myanmar, and Thailand to find the reason for the above loss and then he discovered that the main reason for this loss is the  unbelievable history fabrication and archeology scandal was that it had been done by the early British civil servants and military men deployed by the East India Company Limited that were under British colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent. He is now writing a book to share those finding with others who are interested.

This book also provides vital information and historical facts about the true existence of both “Gothama Samana the Buddha” and also the Sakyamuni alias Sakyasingha Buddha. This information answers many unsolved quires that many have today about the Buddha. This book also paves a path to conduct a fresh history and archeological survey for search and prove the existence of different Buddhas in Indian Subcontinent which might lead the world to re write its history again. We wish to publish it in English, Sinhala, Hindi, Thai and Burmish, possibly in German and French in the future.