The Lost Nibbana

The Lost Nibbāna is explaining the pure path to Nibbāna taught by Gothama Samana the last Thathāgatha. This book is also written by the Bikkhu Ariyamagga. He has used proven knowledge to explain the correct path that he gained through his own practice.  In this books he uses more practical examples and ways that the modern world can understand.

The lost Nibbāna is scheduled to publish after the “The Lost Janbuddhdeepa and Gothama Samana”. This book also will be publication of the joint efforts of this two organizations. The book explains the pure path to Nibbāna based on the teaching of “Gothama Samana the Buddha”. The organization hope that this book may help for many English speaking Nibbāna searchers to attain Nibbāna, or at least to get clear understanding of correct path.  This book uses the correct definition of Thathāgatha Vocabulary (the interpreting interface of Nibbāna) and it makes easy for people to understand.

It is proposed to publish this book in English, German, Sinhala, Hindi, Thai, and Burmish. An Indian Buddhist academic from University of Delhi has already shown a great interest to translate and publish this Book in Hindi in India.